mYak Tibetan Wool Cloud

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Sport/Light DK
100% Tibetan Sheep wool, Non-Superwash
328 yards (300 meters) / 3.52 ounces (100 grams)
US 4-9 (3.5-5.5 mm) needle


Tibetan Cloud is ethically sourced and traceable back to the flock. It comes exclusively from an ancient breed of Tibetan sheep that roam freely on the grassland of the Tibetan Plateau, at an altitude of over 4000 meters.

This unique product has characteristics closer to fine fibers like cashmere and baby yak than to wool. It is a pleasure to knit with as it is to wear. As an added bonus, it has beautiful stitch definition.

Out of deep respect for animal welfare, nomads shear the sheep by hand in the traditional way that has been used for centuries. The wool is collected following the natural life rhythms of the animals and the people who raise them. The Tibetan sheep are a very strong breed that has adapted to pretty rough environmental conditions. mYak chose one of the poorer areas of Tibet for the sourcing of this collection to bring a better income to these communities. Like with the Baby Yak and Tibetan Cashmere, mYak's aim is to give this thousand year old nomadic lifestyle an opportunity to thrive and prosper in uncertain modern times. The company seeks to promote what the nomads have been producing since time immemorial, while adding value by having the fiber spun and dyed in Biella, at the foothills of the Italian Alps, the cradle of most ancient and prestigious Italian textile excellence.

Natural color: Wild Daisy

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