Magner Co. Knitty Gritty Project Bag - Original Size

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Height - 7.5 in.
Bottom Diameter - 5.5 in.

Materials: natural cotton, waxed canvas, leather


    Casey Magner hand makes each Magner Co. bag in his studio in Athens, Georgia. This is a knitting project bag that's made to last. It was created to be a simple, classic, and everyday project bag that ages beautifully and gets better with use.

    The smallest model in Magner Co.'s knitting project bag collection, the Itty Bitty is the perfect option for smaller knitting projects like socks, hats, and other small projects. It features a cinch-top drawcord which allows for a nice snug closure to keep contents in place and prevent things from falling out if it tips over while traveling.

    The vegetable-tanned leather handle is designed to stay down and out of the way while in use, but can be rotated up for carrying. This also allows the bag to hang from your arm and knit on the go.

    Now in 2 sizes - ORIGINAL and BIGGY. 

    The BIGGY was the result of many requests and custom bags that we made for bigger projects (sweaters and blankets). Also a great general everyday use bag for gear, groceries, etc. 

    ORIGINAL: (also see pic for dimensions)

    10 in. wide
    10 in. tall
    6 in. deep

    BIGGY: (also see pic for dimensions)

    15 in. wide
    12.5 in. tall
    9 in. deep


    Each bag features the same size inside pockets. 

    Front side:

    Pattern Pocket - 10” wide x 6.5” tall with 3 solid brass grommets designed to hold folded patterns and allow for tangle free knitting on the go. 

    Rear side: 

    1 zipper pocket sized at 5.5”wide x 5.5” tall with a slot behind for quick access to phone/keys/etc. If you get the optional crossbody strap (link below) this makes a great spot for storage. 

    3 slotted pockets sized at 2” wide x 5.5” tall for needles, sunglasses, etc.

    Using the bag: 

    Cinch top drawcord design allows the bag to open wide during use (tip* - leave the cords slightly cinched to create a yarn bowl - the slightly cinched top of the bag will stabilize it)

    Also provides for a snug closure and will help keep contents in place while traveling. The cords can be tied after cinching for added protection. 

    The handles are designed to stay down and out of the way while in use, but can be rotated up for carrying. This also allows the bag to hang from your arm and knit on the go.


    SEAFLYER™ Canvas Collection - High quality, 100% Cotton Heavy Weight Canvas with 2 types of wax finishes


    10.10 oz army duck canvas with TEXWax™ finish. Originally used by sailors to help protect against the elements, this is a strong and durable fabric that is beautiful and tough. Waxed canvas has a classic look, feel, and vintage charm that no other fabric can replicate. The wax also adds protection against water, i.e. spills!

    *please note - TEXWAX™ canvas is known for “craze marks” that occur with use. Many people love the vintage and classic looks, but it you want to return your waxed canvas to a smooth uniform surface you can apply heat with a hair dryer or toss the bag in the dryer for 2 minutes or so. 

    Color options with TEXWAX™ Finish include: 
    Purple, Bluestone, Rover Yellow, Olive Green, Brush Brown, Ocean Blue, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Nautical Red, Navy Blue


    10.10 army duck canvas with DRYWAX™ finish - Hight thread count water repellant canvas. Drier and smoother hand with clean, bright aesthetic. Dyed and Finished in USA since 1938. Does not show "craze" marks like the TexWax™. 

    Color options with DRYWAX™ finish include: 
    Hot Pink, Terracotta, Light Pink, Gray, Pine, Black, Cerulean Blue, Orange, Cub Yellow, Natural, Harvest Gold, Periwinkle 

    Vegetable Tanned English Bridle Leather

    Typically used for belts, bags, high-end leather goods and accessories, equestrian gear, and much more.
    This is a vegetable tanned high quality leather that will soften and develop a beautiful patina with age. 

    What does Vegetable Tanned mean? 

    Vegetable-tanned leather has the longevity and beauty only an artisanally-crafted product can sustain. It is typically found in high end leather goods, equestrian gear, belts, wallets, and shoes. The vegetable tanning process is a long and artisanal one in which the hide is tanned using tree bark and other organic materials for up to 2 months. While this type of leather is stiff in the beginning, it gets more and more supple with time and use, and will become more comfortable the longer you use it. This is the leather that forms that beautiful aged patina that gets better with time. 

    The backside of the leather handles are edged and beveled - meaning they are run through a machine that rounds the back edges. This removes any sharp edges and makes the handles very comfortable to touch from the start. 

    *Due to the tanning process this leather starts off pretty stiff (like a real leather belt). To speed up the break in process of this beautiful leather apply a small amount of lotion to the backside and then just bend, twist, and roll it in your hands - It will wear in and soften immediately!

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